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Mitrefinch’s Allan Murdoch on the safety aspects of Time and Attendance solutions

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Allan Murdoch is the Business Development Manager for the Asia Pacific region at Mitrefinch Australia , a leading innovator in workforce time and attendance management solutions.

Allan has been involved in the workforce management industry for over 35 years, working across all aspects of the payroll profession from Pay Officer and Payroll Manager to Payroll Consultant and in system sales.

Speaking about Mitrefinch’s workforce time and attendance management systems, Allan says the safety solutions that benefit their clients the most cover fatigue management, emergency systems for fires, handling visitors to various sites, staffing, complying with industry safety requirements, and controlling access to sites.

To the question about Mitrefinch’s expertise in addressing the issue of workplace fatigue and ensuring safety in industrial workplaces, especially those with shift systems, Allan responds that Mitrefinch’s system monitors employee time and attendance so that decision makers can analyse the time spent by staff at work, overtime hours, and associated productivity levels.

The system will notify decision makers when a particular employee is approaching their work hour limit so that they won’t be working in a fatigued condition. Planned rosters will help minimise disruptions to the employees’ body clocks caused by working outside normal waking hours and mitigate health risks associated with shift work.

Allan observes that tired workers make mistakes, which can impact the safety of the operation. Mitrefinch’s Time and Attendance System also ensures the management has all the required information on hand in the unfortunate event of an accident and subsequent legal action.

Another safety function of the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system is the information it can provide during a fire emergency. The system can be used to quickly account for everyone on the premises with information on their location. Such a function is particularly relevant for sites at risk from fire and chemical spills.

The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system also provides visibility on staffing matters, especially in the medical and construction industries where understaffing, for instance may amount to violating industrial safety regulations.

Allan explains that the Mitrefinch system addresses the concerns of many of their clients in these industries about understaffing and overstaffing issues. The system’s reporting and analysis tools allow managers to study employee time and attendance data and ensure they are complying with legislation regarding working hours and shift breaks, as well as preventing both understaffing and overstaffing.

Mitrefinch’s Access Control solution can be integrated with the Time and Attendance system, restricting access by certain employees to specific areas during certain hours for safety reasons. An auditable log of staff movements can be created showing where and when access has been granted or denied. The Access Control solution also allows the administration staff to set flashing messages or sound an alarm when an entry point is open for longer than allowed, or when someone attempts to gain access to a restricted area.

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