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Mitrefinch releases new whitepaper on workforce time and attendance in manufacturing

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Mitrefinch Australia presents a new whitepaper that examines workforce management issues within the Australian manufacturing industry.

Titled ‘Workforce Time and Attendance in the Manufacturing Industry’, the new whitepaper draws on Mitrefinch’s experiences with various manufacturing industry clients, encompassing the company’s capabilities in areas such as data capture, mobile workforce, job costing, absence management, workplace health and safety, and fatigue management.

Manufacturing is the fourth largest employing sector in Australia, employing an estimated 936,400 people, or 8.1 per cent of the total workforce. This huge workforce is spread across over 90,000 businesses, which contributed 6.8 per cent of GDP and 33.5 per cent of total merchandise exports in 2013.

Automation has been increasingly adopted in Australia’s cut-throat manufacturing industry for companies to stay competitive in the market. Consequently, automation has taken over most of the lower-skilled jobs in the industry, leading to a decline in demand, and an overall reduction in manufacturing employment over the years. The number of Australians employed in manufacturing has fallen from one in four in the 70s, to around one in ten today.

The Centre for Economic & Business Research data indicates that technology has increased the efficiency of office workers by 84 per cent since the 1970s. The way in which employee time and attendance data is being captured and analysed is at the forefront of these technology trends.

The whitepaper enumerates Mitrefinch Australia’s excellence and capabilities in implementing solutions for employee time and attendance from automated data capture using clocking terminals, mobile workforce applications, and job costing and rostering for production, to absence management and fatigue management as well as compliance with legislation, awards and work rules.

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