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Mitrefinch Australia 's job costing software allows users to plan daily and weekly tasks across multiple cost centres, compare planned tasks and budgets with those already achieved, and track projects by hours, quantity, or cost.

Job costing software gives users the ability to accurately manage performance and cost jobs, which is a highly valuable strategic asset for companies. This business management system allows management to measure the capacity and efficiency of departments and employees, and make quick decisions on production priorities.

Key benefits of job costing software systems include:

  • accurate calculation of production costs for accurate client quotations and billing
  • reduces costs through labour planning and overtime control
  • visual display for easy access to information, with data presented as graphs, planners or custom reports
  • users can clock in and out of different cost centres by specific terminal, PC, PDA, XDA Orbit, smart phone or mobile phone
  • compliance with Working Time Directive, meaning remote staff can register travel time for payroll
  • supports management accounting function.

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