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Time management systems from Mitrefinch allow you to track work time and costs against your projects or tasks.

The ability to accurately manage performance and cost jobs is an extremely valuable strategic asset, allowing you to measure the capacity and efficiency of departments and employees, and make swift decisions on production priorities.

Cost control is even more important where project teams operate across multiple contracts and sites, costed and payable at hourly rates. 

Data Capture for you entire workforce

  • Staff can clock on/off jobs or in/out of cost centres via wall mounted terminals or touch screen kiosks around the production area
  • Mobile and remote site employees can clock on/off jobs or in/out of cost centres over the internet or via PDA, smart phone or iPhone 
  • Staff on the road can also register travel time for payroll purposes 
  • GPS Tracking is available, giving you further peace of mind

Keep Control of your Costs

If project costs are not subsequently kept under close scrutiny, work can soon slip over budget. The Mitrefinch system allows you to:

  • Compare planned against actual tasks and budgets achieved
  • Calculate production costs for accurate client quotations and billing
  • Reduce costs through labour planning and overtime control
  • Track project and sub projects by hours or cost
  • Easily identify Items over budget/estimate (highlighted in red)

Schedule your staff to match your budgets

  • Future work planner functionality can be used to plain daily and weekly tasks including multiple cost centres and staff deployment according to budget

Stay one step ahead with up to the minute reporting 

A real-time view of all work in progress, employee productivity and work time, allows for a swift response on immediate production priorities and accurate calculation of production costs for accurate quotes and billing. 

  • Powerful wizard-driven Report Generator ensures quick and easy access to meaningful management information 
  • Detailed Work Records provide a breakdown of hours (i.e. the total basic and overtime hours worked by employees and allocated to each category)
  • Work Records also show hours bands summary (i.e. when, from start to end of shift, employees actually worked)
  • Data can be visually displayed for easy analysis - graphs, planners or custom reports

With the Mitrefinch Time Management System, powerful Job Costing and Time Allocation capabilities allow you to plan daily and weekly tasks across multiple cost centres, compare planned tasks and budgets with those already achieved, and track projects by hours, quantity, or cost.

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