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How to cut accidents in the transport and logistics industry

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The Australian transport and logistics industry is an important component of the country’s economy. The future of the transport sector encompassing road freight, rail freight, water freight, and passenger transport is closely tied to the prospects of the broader economy as the goods produced in the Australian economy need to be transported to the end consumer.

With 165,000 enterprises and a 1.2 million-strong workforce operating within the transport industry, Australia's future success depends on achieving higher levels of productivity.

The high investment by the Government in infrastructure totalling an estimated AUD 36 billion in new roads, railways and ports indicates the promise of growth; consequently, managing a growing and mobile workforce in the transport industry is set to become more demanding and critical in the future.

However, the mobile nature of the transport industry makes it difficult for companies and operators to keep track of employees on a day-to-day basis.

The Time and Attendance system from Mitrefinch Australia offers remote time-clocking and employee self-service functionalities, enabling the client company to easily manage and track the movements of their mobile workforce regardless of their location. Mitrefinch time and attendance solutions provide the tools to monitor the work patterns of all employees on the road and automate complex wage rules and award payments as well as simplify processes for absence management and holiday requests. Managers can also capture time remotely using GPS-enabled mobile devices.

Work-related injuries and fatalities are on the rise in the Australian transport industry. Mitrefinch’s fatigue management solution prioritises the health and safety of drivers using real time reports, while also helping to decrease transport industry accidents in Australia. 

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