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Flexi-time working conditions make employees happy

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Several organisations the world over are increasingly easing conditions for their employees by offering them flexible working hours.

The Fair Work Ombudsman affirms that certain employees have the right to request flexible working arrangements. However, there is another compelling reason for allowing flexibility – that of creating a more positive workplace. When the staff experiences an improved work-life balance thanks to flexible working hours, the positive outcomes include higher morale, motivation and productivity, increasing the profile of the organisation as an employer of choice, improved employee retention, reduced absenteeism and optimised staffing costs.

Demographic and cultural changes in Australia look set to further drive the need for flexible working options. For example, the Australian Government’s Treasury figures put the current participation rate for women in the workforce at 55 per cent, and growing. Even the number of Australian employees who work part time has gone up from 10 per cent in the 1970s to over 25 per cent today. Longer life expectancy and retirement ages are also significant trends in Australia.

Australian employers are waking up to these figures as the country’s increasingly flexible workforce means not everyone works from nine until five in a cubicle. Technology is serving an increasingly important role in helping employers address these trends.

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