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Fail proof biometric systems from Mitrefinch Australia for diverse manufacturing environments

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article image Mitrefinch has integrated multispectral imaging sensors from Lumidigm into their biometric systems for fail proof reading

Conventional biometric systems have posed a number of problems in manufacturing environments.  

Frequent hand washing, heavy use of chemicals, oils and cleaners, wearing of latex gloves and a wide range of demographic issues have had a major impact on biometric enrolment and verification.  

In fact, some organisations even choose to use a PIN bypass if the biometric readers cause problems, defeating the whole purpose of having a biometric system in place.  

But advanced technology such as the multispectral fingerprint biometric technology has the unique ability to look beneath the surface layer of the skin to enhance user performance and real-world experience across a number of industries.  

Multispectral fingerprint sensors capture fingerprint data beneath the surface of the skin, eliminating the problems experienced by conventional biometric systems when exposed to common environmental factors such as dirt, moisture, heat, cold, and bright ambient light, or skin characteristics such as dryness, roughness and ageing.  

Multispectral fingerprint biometric systems are even capable of extracting a fingerprint image from a latex gloved hand.  

This advanced technology enables biometric solutions to provide the same type of reliability as traditional swipe cards or proximity fobs without the associated disadvantages, including the cost of producing and maintaining cards or fobs.  

Biometric systems using multispectral fingerprint sensors are increasingly becoming the solution of choice over traditional proximity fob or swipe card-based systems.   

Mitrefinch Australia has partnered with Lumidigm to integrate their powerful multispectral imaging sensors into all Mitrefinch biometric time and attendance systems from wall mounted clocking terminals to desktop USB devices.  

Australian organisations from meat processors to construction companies are already benefitting from the superior performance of Mitrefinch biometric time management solutions featuring multispectral imaging sensors.

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