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Andrews Meat uses Mitrefinch’s New Lumidigm Biometric Technology for Accurate Time and Attendance Data Capture

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Mitrefinch Australia  specialises in effective employee management and employee security solutions.  

Andrews Meat Industries have begun implementation of Mitrefinch’s robust Biometric Time and Attendance solution (TMS).  

The Mitrefinch system will replace current manual paper-based timekeeping processes at their Sydney-based production and distribution facility.  

Office-based staff will make use of Mitrefinch’s PC clocking module for attendance recording, while all factory staff will clock in via Mitrefinch’s Biometric Touch Terminal, which utilises new Lumidigm multispectral imaging technology.  

With Lumidigm integration, the Mitrefinch terminal will collect and process biometric images in a manner that makes fingerprint authentication as well as identification more inclusive and more reliable than other fingerprint readers, which are vulnerable to a variety of conditions including moisture, cold refrigerated areas, bright ambient light and dirty calloused hands.  

Allan Murdoch, Mitrefinch Sales Manager explains, “Lumidigm’s award-winning Mercury sensor enables Mitrefinch to provide Andrews Meat with a robust biometric solution in an environment where standard fingerprint readers were not previously feasible.”  

In utilising Mitrefinch TMS, Andrews Meat will benefit from better accuracy in time-keeping as well as the ability to review wage and hourly regulatory requirements and manage overtime more effectively.  

Seamless integration to their HR3 payroll application will also eliminate the need for data double entry, improving data integrity and enhancing the efficiency of their payroll department.  

In addition, real-time on premises reporting, labour costing reports, employee absentee profiles and online statistics will ensure that potential problems are quickly identified and addressed, allowing for better utilisation of the Andrews Meat workforce.  

“Mitrefinch was recommended to Harry Andrews, Principal, Andrews Meat, by one of our current TMS customers, B.E. Campbell. Now, along with Wingham Beef and Oakdale Meats we have proved to be very adept in delivering solutions to the Meat Industry,” advises Murdoch.  

“Our applications are saving customers hours of time associated with payroll preparation and are flexible enough to accommodate all employees paid either by a tally calculation or hourly.”

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