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AkzoNobel uses Mitrefinch Fire Evacuation System at Gateshead Plant

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Mitrefinch Australia  is a specialist provider of effective employee management and employee security solutions.  

International Coatings in Gateshead, UK is home to the world's largest manufacturing plant producing specialist yacht and marine coatings. The firm, part of multinational company AkzoNobel, has over 800 employees and an average of 400 visitors and contractors on site every day.  

Prior to 1989, the only system in operation in the event of a fire or incident was a head count, which would take place on the evacuation field.  

Today, in recognition of the fire risk, International Coatings operates a state-of-the-art fire evacuation system, which has been developed by Mitrefinch.  

In addition to an in-house incident response team of 20 trained firefighters, every member of the staff is trained on the use of firefighting equipment as part of the company's standard induction procedure.  

The Fire and Evacuation System (FES) covers all three operating companies at the Gateshead site and was first installed in 1989. Since this time, the Mitrefinch fire evacuation system has been regularly upgraded to take advantage of software developments and enhance its efficiency.  

The system operates on a DOS platform as this has proved to be the most reliable for running fire evacuation systems.  

All visitors, staff and contractors must be logged on the system at their point of entry, which comprises of a gatehouse and turnstiles. In the event of an evacuation, a full report of all personnel and visitors onsite can be produced instantly, providing rescue teams with vital information.  

The report for International Coatings is set up to print 8 minutes after an alarm has been set off, allowing time for personnel and visitors to be evacuated; only those persons who have not registered as ‘safe' after the pre-set time are then reported on, ensuring the most recent data is used.  

The report users include the Emergency Control Team and the Crisis Communication Team. A regular weekly report is run to verify staff attendance during appointed hours and distributed to departmental managers for information. Regular tests and reports are run to ensure that the FES is running effectively.  

International Coatings is secure in the knowledge that the right technology is in place to ensure the safety of personnel and visitors on site in the event of an incident.

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