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Mitrefinch is a leader in the development of intelligent Employee Management and Time and Attendance solutions. We strive to enable organisations to better measure, analyse and manage employees' working time, and deploy human resources more effectively. Used by over 3,000 organisations around the world, and across a number of industries, Mitrefinch are committed to delivering world-class employee management systems and unrivalled customer support.


Question: 17/04/13 - Workforce management involves tracking and analysing employee time and attendance information, as well as jobs and work activities.
Question: 17/04/13 - With paper-based or manual processes, the opportunity for error is significant. A Workforce Management System automates compliance with complex awards ... read more
Question: 17/04/13 - Regardless of where your workforce is deployed Mitrefinch can provide a number of data capture options to collect real-time attendance and job information. Our ... read more
Question: 17/04/13 - Biometrics provide a secure and error-free means of capturing employee time and attendance information. Mitrefinch biometric time clocks eliminate ... read more
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01/02/16 - Modern-day workplaces are highly demanding environments with many employees working through the holiday season.
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17/01/16 - Organisations rely on their employees to achieve business objectives.
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14/01/16 - Public sector absenteeism is an issue that has been covered previously by Mitrefinch Australia in a blog published early last year.
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12/01/16 - Presenteeism is an important workforce management issue that has been linked to diminished performance.
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