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Trolleys and storage baskets from Mitaco

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Mitaco  supplies various trolleys and storage baskets. The different trolleys provided by Mitaco include MHT350, MHT3200, MTSS3, MTSS2 and MHT2PC.

MTSS2 is a stainless steel two tier trolley with a 100kg capacity and table width of 460mm. MTSS2 is 900mm high and has a table length of 710mm. MHT2PC is 300kg trolley with guide wheels. MHT2PC is 1315mm high and 465mm long.

MHT350 is 350kg trolley with deck size of 300mm x 220mm. MHT350 are stack trolleys with rubber wheels and can be used to carry loads.

The storage baskets provided by Mitaco include the MSB-10 storage basket. MSB-10 has a capacity of 100kg and volume of 0.69 cubic metres. The special foot design of is known to provide high self stability. The reinforced metal structure of MSB-10 offers strength and stability.

MSB-4 Storage basket consists of multi-spot butt welded structure which is known to provide durability and solidity of the basket. The helical hinge of MSB-4 enables the folding of the basket making it accessible.

MSB-5 storage basket has a capacity of 100kg and volume of 0.32 cubic metres. MSB-7 has a capacity of 1200kg and volume of 0.70 cubic metres. The size of MSB-7 is 1200mm x 800mm x 840mm.

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