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MPTS20 pallet truck with scale available from Mitaco

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MPTS20 is a pallet truck with scale, which is available from Mitaco .

High accuracy

Maximum error 0.1% of scale capacity. Even with floor conditions that are not optimal or when a load is placed out of centre the accuracy remains high.

Totalising function

Adds up multiple pallet weights to a total weight per shipment or order, also for avoiding overloads. When a weight is added, the display shows the new total weight and the number of pallets weighed. This permits the user to verify that he did not forget to weigh any pallets or weighed the same pallet twice.

High battery autonomy

Four standard AA-batteries (2.7Ah) allow 70 hours of use. The automatic sleep mode assures that 4200 weighing actions can be taken. In most common use this means that batteries will have to be changed only one time per year.

High contrast display

Display can be read from any angle: when operator is standing near the pallet for closing, or for adding products to the pallet by weight. The display does not need a backlight because it reads extremely well at ambient light conditions.

Big function keys that click

When pushing the function keys, the operator senses a click movement. Even when working with gloves, the operator feels whether he has pressed the key properly.

High reliability: all components are designed for mobile use

Electronics are compact and have low power consumption. No connectors or components that can shake loose from shocks or vibrations. Long product life and low cost of ownership.

Water and dust proof to norm IP65.

A important characteristic for a reliable mobile scale, IP65 means that the pallet truck scale can be used outside or on lorries and be cleaned with water(but not by high pressure). The load cells in the forks have an even higher protecting level.


  • Capacity: 2000kg in 1 kg steps
  • Tolerance: +/-2kg
  • Scale functions: zero correction, gross/net weighing, total weight
  • Power supply: 4x1.5V AA-batteries
  • Low battery warning + auto shut off function after 3 minutes
  • Total fork width 570mm, width per fork 180mm, fork height 90mm, fork length 1150mm
  • Polyurethane steering wheels
  • Polyurethane tandem rollers

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