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Drum picker carrier and conveyor belts from Mitaco

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Mitaco  supplies various drum picker carriers. The different models available include MBTFL, MDP25, MDP30-1 and MDP30-2.

MDP30-2 supplied by Mitaco is 300kg drum picker with a lowest height of 950 mm. The maximum height of MDP30-2 is 1050mm. The lifting capacity of the drum picker is 300 kg.

The drum picker 350kg or MBTFL is known to be ideal for applications that involve the stacking, transportation of barrels and for poring oil aslant. MBTFL has a lifting capacity of 350kg and a lifting height of 1425mm. The overall height of MBTFL is 2020mm. The control of the barrel slope is enabled by turning the control handle.

MDP25 from Mitaco has a lifting capacity of 250kg and height of 280mm. The maximum drum length and drum diameter of MDP25 are 915mm and 572mm, respectively. The net weight of MDP25 is 40kg.

Mitaco also provides conveyor belts such as the MRT135 expandable conveyor belt. The expandable conveyor belt has a capacity of 135 kg. The length of the conveyor belt is 1290mm and width of 660mm.

The lifting table platform trucks supplied by Mitaco include MTT75 and MTT80. MTT75 is a 750kg lifting table platform truck with dimensions of 1000mm x 510mm. MTT75 has a lift height of 900mm and capacity of 750kg. MTT80 has a capacity of 800kg and maximum lift height of 1500mm.

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