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Varieties of Hydraulics and Pumps from Mining and Hydraulic Supplies

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Mining and Hydraulic Supplies  is a well established supplier of an extensive range of hydraulics accessories and it also distributes innovative stauff products in the global market.

The Hydraulics division of Mining and Hydraulic Supplies is responsible fro the supply of Hydraulics accessories. These hydraulics are considered to be the best in the industry. The Hydraulics accessories from Mining and Hydraulic Supplies includes Pipe support, Diagnostic equipments, Pressure gauges and switches, valves, couplings and accessories, high pressure hydraulics, hydraulic fittings, hydraulic flanges, pumps, motors, pneumatic products, water hydraulics, servo hydraulics, fluid measuring systems, CDS Precision tubing ans spray nozzles.

The Hydraulics offered by Mining and Hydraulic Supplies also includes a complete filtration system providing the pressure filters, Tank top return filters, Magnetic core filters, CC Jensen off-line filters, and Las Pac 1 Particle filters.

The Pumps Division of Mining and Hydraulic Supplies is involved in the supply of variety of pumps. This division can also repair, rebuild or service many pumps. The product range of the Mining and Hydraulic Supplies Pumps division includes Bredel and Watson – Marlow hose pumps, FMI Metering pumps, Netzsch progressive cavity pumps, Putzmeister pumps and HDP Pumps.

Mining and Hydraulic Supplies Seals division is concerned with the stock, import, manufacture and distribution of a n innovative range of hydraulic and pneumatic seals.

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