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Shopping center systems available from Minicom Aust

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Minicom Aust  offers security control and monitoring services to industrial, commercial and residential sectors through a range of duress security alarm systems. The shopping center systems distributed by Minicom Aus are available with small and long battery life radio transmitters. The radio transmitters of the shopping centers systems supplied by Minicom Aust can be used for communicating messages to pocket pagers. The integrated shopping systems distributed by Minicom Aust are suitable for use by police men, security persons and cleaners. The shopping center systems can be installed with PC base station systems. The PC base systems can be used for sending and receiving messages.

The wander resident systems distributed by Minicom Aust can be used for detecting wanderers passing through the door. Minicom Aust distributes the following ranges of duress security control systems suitable for residential and commercial security control applications; UHF range of diversity receivers, wander monitor terminals, wander tags, wander door controllers and PC base stations. Minicom Aust offers design, installation, repairs, maintenance and support services for a range of security control and monitoring systems.

The Minicom PC base stations from Minicom Aust can be integrated with off-site and on-site paging facilities.

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