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Mine Site Technologies forms alliance with AeroScout

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Mine Site Technologies and AeroScout have formed an alliance to provide AeroScout's world recognised Wi-Fi based active RFID technology into industrial applications such as oil and gas facilities, ports and mining.

The partnership leverages off both companies technological expertise and application experience to provide optimum solutions for underground and surface mines, as well as complex industrial sites, such as ports and oil and gas handling facilities.

With digital communication systems now being installed in mines, the opportunity to use the Wi-Fi 802.11b/g communication infrastructure for tracking is obvious.

So with MST's proven digital infrastructure (the ImPact Digital Communication System) and experience in implementing tracking system (Tracker Tagging System) combined with AeroScout's Wi-Fi based tagging system was a logical step to provide key safety and productivity benefits by:

Safety; the ability to use personal RFID Tags to track people's location accurately has significant safety benefits should an emergency situation arise

Productivity; a tracking system to manage various equipment assets such as vehicles and mobile plant can streamline the management of these items

AeroScout is the leading provider of 802.11b based tagging technology in the world, particularly in complex industrial applications which complements MST’s experience in implementing tracking infrastructure and applications in the mining industry.

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