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Scorpio Mining Corporation has chosen ImPact Digital Mine Communications System for its new Nuestra Senora silver-lead-zinc mine in Sinaloa State, Mexico.

Why ImPact 802.11 Digital?

Scorpio was interested in 802.11b technology as it will solve some unique problems they will have in operating the mine remotely from its Canadian offices. The mine will employ local Mexican mine workers and maintenance staff, so by having high data communication system underground information can flow freely between the underground mining activities, on site offices and head office in Vancouver.

For example, the ImPact infrastructure will enable the extensive use of video cameras to monitor critical points in the underground mine. This will assist in trouble shooting or diagnosis of a particular piece of mobile equipment underground using technical resources back in Canada as well as those on site in Mexico.

In addition, Scorpio wanted to use the tracking capabilities of the 802.11 version of TRACKER to assist in their OH&S obligations to its workers. Also by implementing tracking for underground safety, the mine operator will also use the system to track mobile equipment for maintenance purposes and managing the deployment of vehicles within the mine.

Also important was the need to provide two-way voice communications, and thus they will take advantage of the VoIP capabilities of ImPact for this. Additionally, Scorpio will also use the system to network its underground computers to be able to monitor inventory remotely back in Canada. The mine did look at using a Leaky Feeder Radio System but decided to go with the ImPact System.

The initial underground infrastructure to provide wireless coverage underground will consist of:

  • 15 ImPact wireless access points
  • 3,100 meters (10,100 ft) of ImPact composite optic fibre/power cable

The first shipment of peripherals devices that will use the ImPact wireless infrastructure includes:

  • 30 ICCL's with 802.11b tags
  • 12 self contained tags for vehicles
  • 10 VoIP phones

ImPact 802.11 Digital is available from Mine Site Technologies.

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