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Coal mine to install tracking system

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Centennial Coal Group has just ordered a TRACKER Tagging System for their Springvale Coal Mine.  Springvale is about two hours west of Sydney in the Lithgow coalfield area.

At the same time they have taken the opportunity to upgrade their cap lamp batteries and BeltPEDs to the new ICCL cap lamp.  They already have a PED transmission system in place with old style BeltPEDs.

The installation consists of: 
* 250 ICCLs with PED Receiver and RFID Tag.
* 70 self contained tags for vehicles and trailers.
* 18 Beacon TRACKER System 

Springvale's justification was based on:
* Tracking people for safety of people.
* Vehicle fleet management by tracking vehicles movements around the coal mine.
* Introduce the ICCL’s because of their light weight, and that the PED Pager and RFID Tag can be in one unit. 
* It is also a very wet mine, so the sealed ICCL will improve long term reliability.  They had five ICCL’s on trial for six months to prove this.
* Interestingly, they are also going to use the tags on vehicles to also automate the block light system in the travel roads at the mine.  At the moment the block lights work by someone pulling a switch at either end of a block light section.

Mine Site Technologies is very appreciative of the continued support Springvale and the Centennial Coal Group has shown for their safety and communication technologies.   Mine Site Technologies is confident the underground tracking of people and equipment will give positive safety and productivity benefits to their operation.

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