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Nickel production service from Minara Resources

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Minara Resources  offers nickel production services to industrial and manufacturing sectors. The Murrin and Murrin nickel cobalt operation is conducted by Murrin and Murrin and Glenmurrin. The Murrin and Murrin nickel cobalt operations conducted by Minara Resources involves processing and mining of laterite and ore. Minara Resources uses conventional open fit mining strategies for its processing and mining activities. Minara Resources offers the following ranges of mining and processing services; nickel refining services, cobalt refining services, mixed sulphide precipitation services and pressure acid leaching services. The ammonium sulphate scarp obtained during the processing phase is suitable for fertiliser applications.

Minara Resources conducts constant research and devolvement activities for proving reliable and efficient services to its clients. Minara Resources offer advanced equipment handling and engineer services to its clients with industrial automation needs. Minara Resources conducts its mining and processing activities according to industrial safety standards. Minara Resources supplies 2000 tonnes of nickel and 150 tonnes of cobalt metal suitable for industrial and domestic applications.

Minara Resources uses quality delivery and management systems for distributing its nickel and cobalt supplies. Minara Resources holds a range of committees with different responsibilities for handling mining and production activities.

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