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article image The new Martini temperature meter.

THE new range of Martini professional temperature meters has recently been launched by Milwaukee Meters . Milwaukee Meters offer a vast range of pH testers and scientific instruments.

The new portable Martini temperature meters can measure 4 parameters with 1 single probe.

The Mi805 and Mi806 provide a combination of pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature measurements.

A range of calibration buffers and also temperature scales (C or F) is available.

The multi-parameter probe MA851D/1 includes pH/EC/TDS and temperature, all in one rugged handle.

Other features include different TDS factors from 0.45 to 1.00 and a range of temperature coefficients from 0.0 to 2.4% for greater consistency and reproducibility.

The stability indicator prompts the user when the reading stabilises. The Auto hold function on the Mi805 and Mi806 automatically freezes reading for later viewing.

The Mi805 and Mi806 have large and easy to read display and provides simultaneous readings of pH and temperature or EC/TDS and temperature.

The new range of Martini professional temperature meters also have numerous accessories including MA851D/1, MA9004, MA9006 and MA9009.

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