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Airmux Broadband Wireless Multiplexers from Milpeak

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Milpeak introduces the Airmux Broadband Wireless Multiplexers.

The Airmux-400 are carrier-class, full duplex, 50-Mbps capacity, cost-effective multipoint-to-point broadband wireless transmission devices. Combining legacy TDM and Ethernet services for transmission over 2.3 to 2.5 GHz and 4.8to 6.0 GHz bands, the Airmux-400 multiplexers are suitable for deployment in FCC, IC and ETSI-regulated countries.

Airmux systems are deployed as single or multi point-to-point collocated links. Transmission range of up to 120 km(75 miles) is attainable with an external antenna.They consist of an outdoor unit (ODU), an optional external antenna and an indoor unit (IDU) with redundant DC power supplies. The outdoor unit is suitable for mast or wall installation.

Built on advanced MIMO and OFDM technologies, the Airmux-400 multiplexers provide a high capacity link at channel bandwidth of20 MHz. This guarantees a robust air interface able to withstand strong RF interference and harsh ambientconditions.

Other features of the Airmux Broadband Wireless Multiplexers include:

  • The data transmitted over the air interface is encrypted using Advanced Encryption System (AES) with a 128-bit encryptionkey.
  • When the link quality is low, Airmux-400 automatically searches for a clear channel within a pre-selected list of frequencies.
  • Because the Airmux-400 multiplexers operate in license-exempt frequencies, they can be deployed in record time, eliminating the costs and delays involved in leasing lines or trenching fiber.
  • The MSA-compatible port accepts SFP-based E3/T3 devices for  transmitting 34.368-Mbps (E3) or 44.736-Mbps (T3) data streams over its wireless link.
  • Hub Site Synchronization (HSS) ensures simultaneous (multi point-to-point deployment) data transmission for all collocated radios by eliminating the interference that normally occurs when different ODUs transmit and receive from the same. HSS, which supports up to 16 collocated units, enables a complex radio environment of mixed services (TDM or Ethernet) and channel band width frequencies (20 MHz).The collocation feature requires ordering the HSS unit as well as its synchronizationcables.

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