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Workpiece handling without external power

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article image Self-powered, ergonomical, and safe.

THE new self-powered lifting devices of the SCHMALZ VacuMaster Eco series, available from Millson Hoists , master a wide range of handling tasks with loads of up to 2000kg, without an external power supply.

The technology used in the self-powered vacuum lifting devices is based on the principle of intrinsic vacuum generation.

The integrated cylinder of the device is held down by the weight of the workpiece, while the piston in this cylinder is pulled up by the force of the crane.

This generates a partial vacuum in the cylinder which is proportional to the weight of the load and ensures that the workpiece is held safely on the lifting device.

Neither electric power nor compressed air is needed for the installation of the device: simply suspend the VacuMaster Eco from the hook of the crane and it's ready to go.

To pick up a workpiece, lower the VacuMaster Eco onto it until the chains hang loosely. When the lifting device is then raised with the crane, a vacuum is generated almost instantly and securely holds the workpiece on the lifting device.

The workpiece can then be transported horizontally as desired. With the aid of the SCHMALZ operating handle, the workpiece can be positioned safely and accurately.

To release the load, simply lower the crane hook with the VacuMaster Eco until the chains again hang loosely. When the device is lifted again, the workpiece is released automatically and the VacuMaster Eco is ready for the next handling operation.

Since the VacuMaster Eco needs no external power it is ideal for outdoor use and for applications where it is needed in various locations, such as moving heavy objects around a workshop.

The VacuMaster Eco needs no external power and thus incurs no continuous operating costs. In addition, the simple and robust design of the devices guarantees maximum availability.

Even when used in rough conditions and outdoors, the vacuum lifting device needs little maintenance and operates reliably.

Advantages include:

* The ergonomic operating handle keeps the operator at a safe distance from the load.

* Load remains securely held even in the case of power failure.

* A manometer permits monitoring of the vacuum.

* An acoustical warning device sounds if the vacuum drops.

* A vacuum reservoir ensures safe operation.

* All devices comply with CE, UVV, ISO 9001 & 14001.

The VacuMaster Eco is available in four versions: VM Eco 250; VM Eco 500; VM Eco 1000; and VM Eco 2000. The respective number indicates the load handling capabilities in kilograms of each version.

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