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Vacuum lifter for metal coils

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article image Lifting and swivelling steel coils through 90°.

MILLSOM Materials Handling has intrdoduced the Schmalz VacuMaster VM Coil vacuum lifter for steel, tinplate, aluminium and other non-ferrous metal coils, with external diameters up to 1800mm.

Using the vacuum lifter, metal coils can be safely and efficiently vacuum lifted off pallets, swivelled up to 90°, placed onto feeder stands for stamping operations or stopped in any desired intermediate position for any other operations that may be required, such as quality control inspection.

The VacuMaster VM Coil provides a quick, safe and damage-free handling operation.

Features include:

* Lifts coils up to 1000kg (VM Coil 1000-90° model).

* Equipped with several annular suction chambers, each with a vacuum gauge, that can be activated and deactivated independently to match the external diameter of the coils to a maximum of 1800mm in diameter.

* Handles internal coil diameters from 410-520mm, and coil thicknesses ranging from 220-400mm.

The VacuMaster VM Coil also provides for the handling of split-strip rings. The vacuum suction can prevent telescoping of split-strip rings up to 1.5mm thickness for steel and 3mm thickness for aluminium.

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