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Millsom offer a range of vacuum technology components used in many areas of automation and handling technology. Schmalz manufacture a complete range of vacuum components to meet specific requirements of various sectors of industry. 

Suction Pads

Suction pads are used where ever objects (parts, packing materials etc.) need to be lifted, transported, turned over or handled in some other manner. They are the connecting element between the vacuum generator and the workpiece. Their technical and physical design is therefore of great importance.

Special Grippers

Special grippers are used in applications where it is not possible to generate a vacuum with suction pads. They act as the connecting element between the machine and the workpiece to be handled. Depending on the application, various special grippers are thus used.

Mounting Elements

Schmalz offers a wide range of mounting elements which permit many alternative ways of integrating suction pads and grippers to form a gripper system.

Vacuum Generators

The necessary vacuum can be generated with vacuum generators of various types. The following three basic types are available:

  • Ejector
  • Vacuum pump
  • Vacuum blower

Vacuum Valves

Vacuum valves are used to control the vacuum and to improve the process safety in vacuum-gripper systems. A distinction is made between three groups of valves, according to their principle of operation:

  • Solenoid valves for vacuum and compressed air
  • Manually actuated vacuum and compressed air valves
  • Check valves and flow resistors

Switches and System Monitoring Devices

Devices for system monitoring are decisive for the safe operation of a vacuum system. Schmalz offers measuring and control components with which you can monitor and protect your system.

Gripping Systems

For the handling of different workpieces with a single gripper system and for lifting complete layers of objects, Schmalz has developed a comprehensive range of complete vacuum gripper systems. Systems are dimensioned to meet specific customer requirements and deliver them pre-asembled, ready for connection.

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