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article image The VacuMaster-Comfort model

MILLSOM Materials Handling in partnership with Schmalz GmbH has released the latest range of the "VacuMaster-Comfort" sheet lifters. The "Comfort" model allows for the horizontal vacuum lifting and transfer of products with four load ranges from 125 kg through to 750 kg.

Other variations of the "VacuMaster- Comfort" allow for turning of products by 90° or 180°.

The benefits of the new "VacuMaster" range can be seen in its increased versatility, agility and decreased weight of the lifting mechanism.

The key difference between the "VacuMaster Basic" and the "Comfort" model is the integrated lifting controls on the operating mechanism. The standard controls on the "Basic" model make it easy to operate, however the integrated controls on the "Comfort" model allows more control and greater functionality further increasing work place safety and reducing operator stress and fatigue.

All Millsom Vacuum Lifters are designed and manufactured in accordance with "AS4991-2004- Lifting Devices"

Benefits of the VacuMaster include:

* Providing faster lifting and moving of loads than other conventional materials handling systems

* Gripping workloads safely without damaging them.

* Failsafe system that prevents the load from dropping in the event of a power failure or loss of air supply.

The product can be used in a wide variety of applications including lifting and the loading of CNC machines and power saws with sheet metal or metal plate, sheet glass and laminated sheet of MDF or particle board, doors, window frames, etc.

* For loads with airtight surfaces, there are virtually no limits to the possible applications, says Millsom.

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