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Schmalz’s vacuum turning tables available from Millsom Materials Handling

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The turning bench PVT 180° from Schmalz, available from Millsom Materials Handling , turns unwieldly wood, metal and plastic panels. The workpieces can be stopped at any angle for inspection or processing and can then be either returned to its original position, or can be flipped over 180°.

Following are the benefits of the turning bench PVT 180°:

  • Turning workpieces through 180°
  • A single person operation
  • A single operator can load and unload a CNC machining centre quickly and safely

The workpiece is then placed with the Jumbo on the turning bench, where it can be turned to any desired angle for further processing. After this, the panel is moved again with the Jumbo to the machining centre.

Following are the features of vacuum turning table:

  • Solenoid valve, which ensures that the workpiece can only be released at the end position of the bench
  • Audible warning device, which remains functional also in case of a power failure
  • Operator stand
  • All controls ergonomically positioned
  • The operator is kept away from the danger area
  • Simple maintenance because all electrical and pneumatic components are integrated
  • Geared motor directly mounted to the rotation shaft
  • Increased speed of motion
  • Vibration-free turning, gentle starting and stopping
  • Reliable operation. No drive chains requiring adjustment
  • Less wear and tear

Following are the applications of vacuum turning table:

  • Machining both sides of wood or plastic panels
  • Final finishing
  • Edge treatment
  • Quality treatment
  • Assembly work
  • Assembly work on both sides
  • Quality inspection of both sides of workpieces
  • Machining of edges

Requirements of vacuum turning table include:

  • Air-tight surface - (Porous panels possible at reduced load capacity, suction test recommended)
  • Max weight - 150kg
  • Max work-piece size - 3000mm x 2000mm
  • Max thickness - 50mm

Options of vacuum turning table include:

  • Foot switch
  • Large vacuum pump
  • Various sized vacuum gripper plates

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