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SPU suction plates from Millsom Materials Handling

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Millsom Materials Handling  presents the SPU suction plates designed for the safe handling of smooth and flat workpieces.

The robust and hard-wearing SPU suction pads feature a single sealing lip and an additional sealing edge consisting of a seal and aluminium supporting plate. The seal is clipped securely into the supporting plate with the aid of specially shaped sections. When worn, the seal can be replaced separately.

SPU suction plates are available in various types to suit different applications.

Series SPU B features a thicker sealing lip and is designed for handling workpieces with a slightly rough surface such as wood or scaly metal sheets.

Series SPU AE with integrated peeling insert is ideal for handling thin metal sheets (approx. 1.0 – 2.5mm), overcoming the self-adhesion between the sheets.

Series SPU TV featuring a sensing valve is ideal for the deactivation of unused suction pads to prevent the entry of unwanted air.

Key features of SPU suction plates:
  • Universal sealing lip
  • Supports on the bottom prevent permanent deformation of thin-walled workpieces
  • Low internal volume results in very short cycle times
  • Wide range of diameters for different workpieces
  • Optimised shape ensures high suction force in spite of small dimensions
  • Ideal for handling of smooth, flat workpieces such as sheets of glass and plastic
  • Excentric vacuum connector normally sealed with a plug
  • Suction pads are delivered assembled

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