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SGF suction plates from Millsom Materials Handling for handling glass

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Available from Millsom Materials Handling , the SGF suction plates are designed for safe handling of glass without causing any damage to the surface.

Suitable for use in various environments, SGF suction plates can be employed to handle glass and plastic sheets or thin workpieces as well as in glass lifting devices. 

Suction plates with 125mm and 200mm diameters are available with a thin and flat sealing lip to ensure minimal relative movement during pick-up, preventing the surface of the workpiece from being damaged. These suction plates come with a replaceable sealing ring, which can be replaced quickly and without tools.

Suction plates with 300mm and 400mm diameters feature a steep sealing lip for optimum pick-up behaviour and damping effect during the positioning of the plate. These suction plates come with a vulcanised sealing ring.

Key features of SGF series suction plates:

  • Low total weight results in higher acceleration in automated processes
  • Highly effective suction surface for absorption of high suction and lateral forces
  • Low interior volume and low suction pad stroke for short evacuation times for faster processes and reduced cycle times
  • Made from EPDM 55 ShA (gray) material, special EPDM material available for use in areas with high UV and ozone levels
  • 125 and 200mm diameter models come with replaceable sealing ring
  • 300 and 400mm diameter models come with vulcanised sealing ring
  • Soft sealing lip and double sealing edge
  • Optimised internal structure for handling glass sheets for which interleavant powder is used in the process
  • Centred vacuum connection, optionally with insert filter as prefilter
  • Eccentric connection for sensing valve or insert filter, as standard closed with a plug (secured with adhesive)
Applications of SGF suction plates:
  • Handling of flat, smooth workpieces such as glass and plastic sheets
  • Handling of very thin workpieces such as plate glass (float glass) or coated glass
  • Solar industry (module manufacturing process) for the handling of solar modules
  • Glass manufacturing processes where interleavant powder is used
  • Manual handling equipment such as glass lifting devices
  • Handling processes in which high lateral forces are important (high accelerations or vertical handling)

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