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The JumboErgo Vacuum Tube Lifter offers fast and precise handling of light and heavy loads with the aid of the twist grip (similar to that on a motorcycle).

The control handle has no mechanical linkages or cables connecting it to the main body of the lifter. The handle simply adjusts the amount of atmospheric air that is allowed to bleed into the main body of the tube lifter. It is this bleeding effect that controls the raising and lowering of the load that is being held by the suction pads.

When a load is hovering mid-air, the whole system is in a state of equilibrium - letting just the right amount of air to maintain the correct vacuum level to lift and hold the load.

Safety and healthy posture at all working heights:

  • The load is gripped and lifted by a single medium, namely vacuum
  • A modular system of variable basic components which can be combined in many different ways permits simple adaption of the unit to meet individual requirements
  • A quick-acting non-return valve and the large area of the suction pad(s) ensure that the load is not dropped - even if the electric power of the compressed air supply fails
  • Compliance with the latest ergonomic considerations ensures that the use of the Jumbo does not endanger the health of the user

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