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Jumbo vacuum tube lifter with FM gripper

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article image Jumbo vacuum tube lifter with FM gripper moves complete layers of glued window frames.

THE Jumbo vacuum tube lifter plus the large-area FM gripper system is the ideal combination for many vacuum lifting applications.

Many users in the materials handling field may already be familiar with Millsom Material Handling's Schmalz Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifting system that allows easy vacuum lifting of loads.

Now Millsom has released the modular Schmalz FM gripper that will increase the flexibility for the end user.

The Jumbo FM gripper permits handling of work-pieces and goods of many different types weighing up to 55kg, even if the gripper is not fully covered by the work-piece.

The special sealing mat ensures safe gripping without damage to the work-piece surface, thus opening new opportunities for handling with the vacuum.

Suitable vacuum tube lifters for use with the new gripper are the Jumboergo 45 or 65, equipped with the powerful vacuum blowers SB-L or SB-V.

The FM gripper can be used for handling any loads which are suitably rigid, do not weigh more than 55kg and cover at least 50% of the lower surface of the vacuum gripper.

The vacuum tube lifters Jumboergo 45 and 65 are equipped with a large-area gripper system FM that can be used to handle many different work-pieces, such as wooden panels with holes, profiled sandwich panels, pallets or even complete layers of narrow strips of wood safely, precisely and economically.

The new FM grippers have compact dimensions (400mm x 120mm x 50mm or 600mm x 12mm x 50mm per FM module), low intrinsic weight (10.9kg or 16.5kg), high lifting capacity (40kg or 55kg) and extremely simple handling, is ideal for use with a vacuum tube lifter.

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