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Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists available from Millsom Materials Handling

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Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists, available from Millsom Materials Handling , have reputation for quality in design and construction.

Following are the important points to be considered when selecting Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists:

  • Load Weight
  • How heavy is the load to be lifted. If loads are various, presume for maximum load and mean load.
  • Lift Distance
  • Figure the maximum height the load is to be lifted.
  • Work Cycle
  • Compute the number of life cycles per hour and the number of starts per cycle.
  • Choose a speed which allows maintenance of the normal work cycle.
Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists have the following advanced features:
  • Helical Gearing used where practical to provide quiet operation.
  • Long Life Brake Unit Disk type Electro-Magnetic brake system for steady operation and long life. All F Series hoists are equipped with an auxiliary brake.
  • Limit Switch Interrupts motor power to prevent hook over-travel and hazardous conditions such as chain kink (upper and lower).
  • Plug-In Cables reduce maintenance time and installation.
  • Electro-Magnetic Contactor with mechanical-interlocking against line short by mechanical shock.
  • Reverse Phase Inspecting Relay (most sizes), which cut control circuit when reverse phasing.
  • Chain Container Standard part for safe operation.
  • Power Chain Special (patented) alloy steel chain surface hardened for optimum strength and wear resistance.
  • Lower Hook is heat-treated and equipped with safety latch and 360º swivelling.
  • Pushbutton Cable is moulded with strain relief wire rope into body. This assures easy and safe operation.
  • Pushbutton Switch is rain-proof plastic for severe impact and corrosive atmosphere resistance and mechanically interlocked. The 24 volt control circuit reduce shock hazard to the operation.
  • Overload Protection
The Hitachi Overload Limiter not only protects the hoist, but also the complete installation.

Adopting an electro-mechanical switching system, the Hitachi Overload Limiter offers protection far superior to that of the slip-clutch method employed for electric chain hoists.

An overload is sensed instantly upon the start of hoisting, power for the hoist motor is automatically switched off, and the brake activated, rendering the hoisting motion inoperative.

Each hoist is factory tested for overload operation then adjusted and set prior to delivery.

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