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Flat suction pads from Millsom Materials Handling

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Suction pads, available from Millsom Materials Handling , are used wherever objects (parts, packing materials) need to be lifted, transported, turned over or handled in some other manner. They are the connecting element between the vacuum generator and the workpiece. Their technical and physical design is therefore important.

A basic distinction is made between the following types of suction pads:

  • Flat suction pads
  • Bellows suction pads
  • Grippers which operate on special principles
Various features of flat suction pads SHFN include:
  • Soft sealing lip
  • Sealing lip with inner sealing edge
  • Specially structured inner side of pad
  • Optionally available with dirt filter and foam-rubber insert
The advantages of suction pads include:
  • Optimum adaptation to workpieces with uneven surfaces
  • Good sealing on rough surfaces
  • Suitable for dynamic motions and short cycle times
  • Optimum adaptation to specific applications (such as dusty surroundings or very rough surfaces)
Different applications of suction pads include handling of furniture components, parquet, laminated and unlaminated chipboards and handling of rough wooden parts.

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