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Explosion proof vacuum lifter

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article image The fast, ergonomical handling of a 25kg sack in the explosion-hazard area with the aid of the Explosion Proof Jumbo vacuum lifter.

MANY users in the materials handling field may already be familiar with the Schmalz Jumbo vacuum tube lifting system that allows easy lifting of loads.

Another key innovation by J.Schmalz GmbH has been the release of the ‘Explosion Proof Jumbo vacuum tube lifter’, which is available through Millsom Materials Handling.

The product is based along the lines of similar Schmalz Jumbo vacuum tube lifting products, however there have been new additions to this product range allowing for its use in areas where dangerous goods are stored, manufactured or handled.

The key differences include the stainless steel construction, parts made from anti-static material and earthing wires that run through the system.

Its main uses are within the petrochemical, fertilizer, mining, baking and ammunitions industries, where the presence of explosive gases, mists and vapours are an important determining factor when deciding on materials handling solutions.

This product complies with the European explosion-protection directive 94/9/EG (ATEX 100).

Typical applications include:

* Handling of sacks

* Handing of paint cans and barrels

* Handling of chipboards

* Handling of explosive materials.

Features of the Explosion Proof Jumbo vacuum tube lifter include:

* A wide range of vacuum gripping attachments made of stainless steel

* All mechanical components with antistatic finish

* Suitable cranes made of stainless steel

* A comprehensive range of accessories that comply with the explosion-protection regulations (such as a quick-change adapter for quick and easy changing of the vacuum grippers).

The Explosion Proof Jumbo lifter is available in various versions:

* JumboSprint Ex for loads of 45kg to 85kg

* JumboHandy Ex for lighter loads (up to 30kg)

* Versions with vacuum generation by a pneumatically driven multi-stage ejector SEM 100 or 300 Ex.

The multi-stage ejectors from Schmalz ensure low energy costs (in the case of intermittent, short-term operation) and pay for themselves quickly (due to their low purchase price).

Features of the vacuum generators include:

* They need little space to operate in

* They operate extremely quietly

* They are absolutely free of wear

* Air consumption 1200 Nl/min

* Operating pressure 4-6 bar

* For loads of up to 85kg.

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