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Air balance hoist and power-free rail system

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article image Millsom air balance hoist.

MILLSOM Materials Handling's air balance hoist with its characteristic manoeuvrable three-dimensional power-free rail system provides hoisting with the addition of a floating function that affords weightless vertical movement up to 300mm.

The Millsom air balance hoist automatically changes to the floating state when the up-and-down motion stops. It exhibits no jumping phenomena, providing superior control when handling goods from workstation to workstation.


* Provides hoisting speeds from 1 to 1000mm/sec, (using 6.9 Bar/100psi air pressure) and is easily regulated using a control valve.

* Standard models are available from 60 to 1000kg (based on 6.9 Bar/100psi air pressure).

* Low maintenance costs and very small air consumption (0.13m3/stroke).

Excellent safety features including a brake lock mechanism that prevents the load from falling if air supply fails or is overloaded, and produces a bell sound by discharging air when an overload is applied.


Millsom Air Balance Hoists have been used in a wide number of industries including vehicle and components manufacturing such as in car assembly lines, automobile parts manufacturing, and handling of a diverse range of goods including tyres, stonework/masonry, fragile goods, perishables and woodworking such as doors and frames.

In fact any industry where work efficiency and safety have a high priority can benefit from the Millsom air balance hoist.

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