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180° rotating sheet lifters

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article image 125kg capacity with 180° turning for loading CNC machines.

THE VacuMaster 180° vacuum lifters allows a horizontal load to be lifted and rotated 180° allowing increased flexibility and safety when transferring loads.

The Millsom range of Schmalz GmbH VacuMaster 180° vacuum lifters is an upgrade of the VacuMaster 90° model.

In many everyday productions or handling applications, product may not only need lifting in a horizontal position but rotated through 180°. This can become extremely useful when painting or machining a particular product side.

The 180° range is driven by an electric linear drive providing shudder-free rotation and is available with three load capacities from 75 to 250kg. It comes in two models, the Basic and Comfort with each providing a different level of operator control.

Vacumaster 180° features include:

* Lower overall height due to compact design.

* Shorter cycle times due to high turning speed.

* Turning drive retains its position even if the power fails.


The VacuMaster 180° is useful for a variety of operational applications including painting, machining, and quality control inspections, and can be used to lift sheet metal and glass, metal plate and laminated sheets of MDF or particle wood boards.

The VacuMaster range of sheet lifters allows more control and greater functionality further increasing work place safety and reducing operator stress and fatigue.

All Millsom vacuum lifters are designed and manufactured in accordance with AS4991-2004- Lifting Devices.

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