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Diplexer feed and satellite chassis from Millatec

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Machining operations for a range of mechanical circuits including power dividers, filters and couplers are developed at Millatec . Millatec is also experienced in providing heat sinks and mechanical packages to support active circuits including power amplifiers.

Millatec with the assistance of its experienced staff offers machining services for different materials such as aluminium, copper, kovar and invar commonly used in advanced electronic systems such as satellite work. Diplexer Feed, RF combline filters, RF amplifier chassis, microwave network and satellite chassis are some of the products available from Millatec for use in electronics and telecommunication industries.

The diplexer feed from Millatec is a type of microwave diplexer that is machined directly into the antenna feed thus eliminating the need for turning the screws. These diplexer feeds are efficient in improving the performance of the diplexers and reduces costs.

Millatec also offers the RF combline filters that are commonly used in the cellular phone industries. These combline filters from Millatec are machined from aluminium and the silver plating and the machining finish of these components are important for the reliable performance of the filters. The RF amplifier chassis are machined from less expensive aluminium with identical cavities on both the sides.

Satellite chassis are also available from Millatec. These satellite chassis are constructed from flight grade aluminium and are commonly used to support electronic circuits for double redundant oscillators of the satellites.

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