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Center gear hub and mounting brackets from Millatec

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Millatec  is known for manufacturing small volume components used widely in the food processing and automation industries. Millatec utilises the latest machineries and manufactures a range of products such as center gear hub, typical mounting brackets and mould mould inserts. The center gear hubs from Millatec are machined from solid billets.

Millatec specialises in providing typical mounting brackets used commonly for automated packaging machines. These typical mounting brackets are machined from aluminium billets and are available in tight bore sizes and high surface finishes.

Mould mould inserts are also available from Millatec. These inserts are machined in less than 10 minutes by using the toolpathing. The programmers from Millatec utilises the Mastercam software that is used commonly to import any existing electronic documents and data from the customers through the modem transfer.

Millatec is also known for assisting the clients with various cost reduction techniques as the products move from the prototype to the full production stage. Millatec is experienced in machining materials such as Beryllium copper, invar and other dielectric materials used widely in the telecommunications industries and conventional materials including brass, steel and aluminium.

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