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Solid-state marking and coding

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FOXJET has combined solid-state piezoelectric technology and superior wax printing to create the WaxJet line of product identification systems.

WaxJet printing developed as a means to provide high resolution (up to 300dpi), small character printing without the hazards associated with solvent based inks prevalent in continuous ink jet printing systems (CIJ).

To meet market demands and counteract the hazards of existing solvent based printing systems, the WaxJet series was engineered by FoxJet as a non-toxic, non-hazardous alternative.

In addition to its non-hazardous appeal, WaxJet printing systems provide up to five lines of high resolution print within a 12mm image area.

The integrated printhead/wax system was designed for maximum protection against shock and vibration. Slant technology allows wax drops to be partially overlaid on top of each other to achieve an even, dotless print.

Using 31 nozzles, bold graphics, logos, and multi-line print are made easy. A unique nozzle array allows for end-user replacement in the field, eliminating costly down time and manufacturer repair.

FoxJet's wax colour cubes produce remarkably bright, vibrant, and crisp codes that can be easily identified.

The use of wax for marking and coding eliminates mess, smearing inks, adheres to a myriad of substrates, is USDA compliant on food packaging materials, and boasts a minimal consumable consumption rate.

Application adaptability is heightened by the surface adhesion of wax on a variety of substrates including plastic, wood, paper, flexible packaging films, chipboard cartons, and more.

WaxJet printing systems can be networked using SystemMaster software, an optional Windows-driven software package. SystemMaster software interfaces with a vast library of software packages and allows graphic generation and custom characters/logos capabilities.

In addition, SystemMaster software has an easy to use menu structure and WYSIWYG preview screens for a total user-friendly package. Milford Astor 02 9663 3911.

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