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Range of new Pad printers available from Milford Astor

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Leading Pad printer manufacturer Kent International has released a new Pad printer range the HVA Series in response to market opportunities for a top quality machine at an entry level price.

HVA stands for High Value Added and that is exactly what is achieved with this series that replaces the popular KIPP range.

Available in 2 small models the HVA-90 and HVA-100 and 5 larger models from HVA-150 upwards, the Pad printers available from Milford Astor bring a number of standard features previously unheard in this price range.

Automatic pad clean on all ink cup models:

Since in-line pad cleaning is a relatively new option, few promotional printers are aware of this feature. The pad printers regularly clean the pad. This is now eliminated.

Now with auto pad clean:

  • Every print is carried out with a perfectly clean pad.
  • Operator skill requirement is minimised
  • Life of pads is extended – no wiping with solvent soaked cloths
  • Operator health is improved – no solvents on skin or inhaled
  • Automatic pad clean between work table and printing platform

Low cost ink cup technology:

The purpose of ink cups is to contain the ink within a sealed environment, thus eliminating solvent loss. The advantages are:

  • Ink is sealed so there is no requirement for wash up at night
  • No solvent smell during operation
  • Consistent ink viscosity
  • Higher opacity prints
  • No dust contamination
  • Lower requirement for operator skill and
  • Economical in ink and solvent usage

Due to the nature of promotional printing and the constant stream of short run work many printers are unlikely to have employed this technology. Ink cup technology has always been suited to continuous production of one job.

Since the printing plate must be larger for ink cup use than for a conventional set up. The additional plate cost is seen as prohibitive for short run work where every cent can influence the competitiveness of a quotation.

However those who have employed our ink cup technology vow that it has increased their output in many cases over 30% with significant reduction in consumerable cost.

Further recuperation is achieved by etching two jobs onto the one plate negating the higher plate cost issue.

For the in-house environment, use of ink cups maintains ink viscosity for the full production period and so provides a constant that requires little or no monitoring.

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