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Pad printing gives product identity

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MILFORD Astor offers a wide range of pad printing options to suit any application. Pad printing, also known as Tampo printing is a solvent ink-based process that utilises a rubber pad, an etched printing plate, and ink, to transfer an image to a product.

Pad printing typically suits products of regular or irregular shape. As an example of the process all golf balls are pad printed. Common electrical products that are pad printed include switches, diodes, clips connectors, meter dials, plugs, metal and plastic fascias.

Bold or fine line images are possible including barcodes. Images can be printed in single or multi-colour depending on machine design.

Modern pad printing inks are available in a variety of formulations to suit practically every substrate. Ultraviolet (UV) ink systems are also available where the ink is completely cured in seconds under a UV lamp. This allows products to be immediately packaged after printing, if required.

Pad printing continues to be the common method to mark and decorate small electrical items.

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