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Continuous inkjet safe coding option

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THERE are many applications when the only way to ensure a reliable code is by using a continuous ink jet coder (CIJ).

Until now most coders could only offer inks that depended on a strong mix of MEK in order to provide the speed, adhesion and drying time required for this application.

The drawback with MEK is that it is a hazardous chemical that has a strong and, to some, a most unpleasant odour.

Now Citronix of Texas has released a CIJ that only uses one fluid, a Glycol-based ink that has no odour, can run at exactly the same speed as the MEK machines and, on a porous surface, will dry almost as quickly as MEK. On less porous surfaces it will take up to 15 seconds to dry.

For applications where glycol does not meet the requirement Citronix also has an MEK system which is designed in such a way that the evaporation of MEK is minimal, only 3ml an hour at 22ºC.

Milford Astor is marketing this equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

Due to the reliability of Citronix, Milford Astor offers customers the equipment on a "pay as you use" basis enabling companies to have the equipment with no capital investment.

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