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Aids to pad printing

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MILFORD Astor has introduced Marabu OP170 opaquing paste. This product is suited to most of the Marabu pad printing inks.

The paste is simply added to the ink when required, resulting in noticeable improvement in the opacity of the printed colour. Often the part only needs a single hit.

Milford Astor has also introduced a range of UV curable inks. These high gloss inks are suited for printing onto a wide range thermoplastic components.

Once printed, the component is conveyed under a UV curing lamp of suitable intensity, where drying is performed in seconds.

The component can be handled immediately and packaged straight away if required. These inks are well suited to fast output, inline production facilities.

Two equipment options are offered for the UV curing process. The UV curing apparatus can often be supplied as an integrated part of the pad-printing machine, or supplied as a stand-alone unit.

A number of operational labour saving efficiencies can be realised with UV ink, compared to conventional pad printing inks.

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