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Midasoft Marketing supplies the Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS)

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Midasoft Marketing  supplies the Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS) which keeps a track of the attendance records of individual students. SAMS from Midasoft Marketing generates and collates attendance information in a variety of formats. This attendance monitoring system is designed with a specially developed program and swipe card technology.

Midasoft Marketing offers SAMS that are distributed with many operating options including roll call lists, monitor screens and ClassNet Readers. Roll call lists are printed barcode lists where only absentees are noted. The list is barcode ‘zapped’ in seconds to update reports.

Monitor screens is available with keyboard and barcode wedge readers attached. When swiped, monitor screen records the student’s in and out times and shows any individual and broadcast messages by staff on the screen.

ClassNet Readers are placed throughout the school or in every classroom for automatic record of arrival and departure times when swiped by students.

SAMS distributed by Midasoft Marketing is user friendly and automates many reports that are handled manually. This allows administrators to produce all the government required school reports including daily roll marking, absentee lists and authorisation slips.

With its laser receipt printer, SAMS from Midasoft Marketing produces authorisation slips on late arrival and early leaver. The SAMS automatically provides various reports including letters to parents, absence summaries, student history, HSLO, class rolls, census etc.

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