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Finger scan templates from Midasoft Marketing

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Midasoft Marketing  distributes finger scan templates such as the BioScan 1000 Reader. This unit can take up to 1000 user finger scan templates, which can be increased up to 32,000 with a memory upgrade. Featured with advanced sensor technology, BioScan 1000 Reader from Midasoft Marketing is Australian designed, made and supported.

Designed for simple use, the finger scan template from Midasoft Marketing requires no pins or passwords to remember. The non-invasive technology allows it to look through the outer skin layer and sees the finger print underneath. This system can scan wet, dry, cold and dirty fingers.

With the utility of one unit, BioScan 1000 Reader has capacity to operate and control up to two doors. It eliminates card sharing or passing on access cards to other employees. This unit also secures and protects access of personal computers and networks.

A range of time and attendance monitoring systems available from Midasoft Marketing includes SAMS 2000 Module and SAMS Period by Period Module. The SAMS 2000 Module is an electronic student time and attendance monitoring system, while SAMS Period by Period Module is an electronic period by period student time and attendance monitoring system.

Midasoft Marketing also supplies ZipNet Timesheet which facilitate in managing employees time and attendance. This system reduces administrative costs of time and attendance by preparing accurate and timely payrolls.

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