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Microview Australia Trading stocks LZYN series mass flow meters

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LZYN series mass flow meters, now supplied by Microview Australia Trading , utilise the Coriolis principle for operation, and are suitable for process detecting and custody transfer applications in a range of industries.

The petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, paper and food industries can all benefit from the use of LZYN flow meters, which have been designed to allow for the direct measurement of mass flow in a pipeline without the need to change any parameters.

This eliminates the degree of measurement error inherent in intermediate links, and ensures a high mass flow rate with high accuracy and good repeatability.

LZYN mass flow meters are versatile units capable of measuring fluids that range from common to high viscosity, and slurries containing some suspended solids or aeration.

Constructed from non-moving parts that ensure long operation with reduced maintenance requirements, LZYN meters provide stable mass flow measurement as well as density and temperature monitoring functions where necessary.

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