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Vibra-Clean range of dust extractors available from Micronair

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With vibration technology and wide pleat cartridge filters, the Vibra-Clean range of dust extractors, available from Micronair , is a reliable cost effective solution for factories and workshops that do not need the complications of using compressed air for online cleaning.

The Vibra-Clean range of dust extractors has been built on a modular design using specially made tough spun bonded polyester wide angle cartridge filter, encased in enamelled steel.

The cleaning process is automated at every shut down and so there is no operator involvement.

With an ever increasing requirement for OH&S compliance in the workplace, the Vibra-Clean range of dust extractors with a filtration capability below 1 micron is suitable to ensure that a workplace is free from dust and particulate matter.

Each machine is Australian built from powder coated steel with stainless steel fittings to enable the units to be installed either inside the factory or outside, where its fully sealed design makes it weatherproof.

Edge Bander’s and CNC routers often have difficulty in removing waste material which leads to higher levels of work place dust and reductions in tooling and machine life.

To counter this, the Vibra-Clean design has combined the advantages of wide pleat cartridge filters with a range of high pressure, high efficiency fans to provide better waste material removal.

With air volumes ranging from 2,600m3/hr to 30,000m3/hr and the flexibility of either a wheelie bin or dump bin the Vibra-Clean range of dust extractors is suitable for small to medium sized factory or workshop that requires high air volumes with light or variable dust loadings.

The cost effective range of vibration cleaned dust extractors designed to provide a safer working environment in factories and workshops where large volumes of air at high pressure need to be handled with relatively low or variable dust loadings.

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