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New controllers from Micronair clean up dust problems

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Micronair have developed innovative controllers for the filter cleaning process that minimise noise and downtime. Ordinary cleaning controllers usually operate with a delay after the fans stops and then enters a cleaning phase to release the dust from the filter. This is suitable if the user are able to operate the dust extractor all day, and only need to stop for break times and at the end of a shift. However, if the user starts and stops regularly or there are noise issues due to the location then the cleaning process may want to be delayed to a more appropriate time.

Micronair have developed new micro-processor based cleaning controllers that provide greater flexibility on how and when the cleaning phase occurs. They have developed these controllers in order to overcome the noise issues due to location. Micronair cleaning controllers can be operated in Auto Mode or Manual Mode. Manual mode on the cleaning controllers enable the system to clean the filter at more appropriate times. These cleaning controllers are also able to be set to clean the filter if the machine is not operated for a set time. Every time the machine is operated the Micronair cleaning controllers will reset for another set time delay. They also have an integrated sensor to ensure they don't operate when the fan is running.

Micro-Processor based cleaning controller time units use LED lights to indicate operating conditions. Also to prevent accidental damage while cleaning is in operation the cleaning controllers have been integrated with motor overload and fault indicators. Micronair cleaning controllers are encased in a UV stabilised weather proof box which is completely sealed to enable it to be mounted internally or externally and be protected by all elements. The cleaning controllers can be retro fitted to existing systems.

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