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Micronair Opti-Flow Fan Optimising Systems Save Energy

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Micronair Dust Control  released the Opti-Flow line of fan optimising systems to industry after dramatic energy-saving results were produced on test sites.

Opti-Flow fan optimising systems are designed to optimise the air required at any given time by measuring the pressure of ducting systems and adjusting the fan speed up or down to achieve the system pressure required.

Micronair Opti-Flow fan optimising systems are designed to produce excellent results such as:

Average Electrical Savings 60%

The calculation is based on a 30kw fan running 35 hours a week for 49 weeks at 0.1635 cents per KWH.  

Average Noise Reduction 50%

As the speed of the fan is reduced, the noise created by the fan and the internal ductwork comes down exponentially.  

Average Filter Life Extended 150%

The air velocity going through a filter combined with the dust quantity and type determine the life of the filter. When the air volume is reduced, the filter has very little air pressure reducing the time it takes to blind the filter medium.  

Equipment Life Extended

Since the fan and motor run at lower speeds, vibration transfer is reduced extending the mechanical life of bearings.    

Automatically Controlled

By automatically controlling speed, the system takes the user out of the equation.  


Automatic shut off gates called Opti-Valve are controlled automatically to completely take the operator out of the equation.  

Low Cost

Opti-Flow fan optimising systems are affordable.  


Opti-Flow has reduced energy requirements resulting in energy-savings.

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