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Dust extractor accessories from Mircronair

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The Vibra-Clean range of dust extractors from Micronair offers a variety of accessories to complement the handling of large volumes of air at high pressure.

Micronair can, for instance, provide and install the ducting to connect the corresponding machinery to the dust extractors.  The installation will include all types of components from basic dust elements to floor sweeps, clean up points, modular style ducting, purpose made chutes and flexible hosing.

It is also possible to fit each VC extractor with a range of power optimization features that ranges from soft start to full inverter fan speed management.  Each of the systems will be individually tuned on site to minimize power consumption while ensuring the operational effectiveness of the extractor.

Fire detection and suppression systems or spark arrestors are also available and are ideal to minimize the risk of a fire occurring and being transported to the extractor.

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