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InfraCal Cuvette Holder Anayser by Micron Scientific

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article image InfraCal Cuvette Holder Anayser by Micron Scientific

The InfraCal Cuvette Holder Analyser - CVH model from Micron Scientific , Freon-113, hydrocarbon-free grade of perchloroethylene, AK-225, S-316 or other infrared transparent solvents are used as the extracting solvent. The extract is deposited into a 10 mm quartz cuvette cell with a Teflon stopper so light end volatile components are retained for measurement.

The measurement range for water is 2 -1000 ppm (using a 10:1 extraction ratio) and 3 – 5000 ppm (using a 1:2 extraction ratio) for soil.

This model is recommended for measuring TOG, TPH or FOG concentration levels when using hexane, pentane or Vertrel MCA as the extracting solvent.

Applications include monitoring effluents from refineries or waste-water treatment and industrial plants, measuring fats, oil and grease (FOG) discharges and determining the efficiency of oil/water separation systems.
Other applications for the InfraCal Cuvette Holder Analysers are for conducting soil studies at remediation sites or around underground storage tanks, measuring residual oil on pre-cleaned metal components and determining purity level of reclaimed solvents

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